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About Us

Future Generation is a group of companies formed in 1989, based in the south of England. Specialising in high quality technology manufacture, supply and service. Our main base in Kent, boasts a Hi-Tech purpose built Interactive Touchscreen kiosk manufacturing and service/repair facility, a computer system integration workshop and a bespoke programming and training centre, along with a corporate presentation bureau specialising in digital content creation.

Over the years, we have concentrated our efforts in developing our knowledge, skills, and processes to maintain our highest standards of service and support, and have been accredited with many awards whilst in the pursuit of our objectives.


Here at Future Generation our design and prototyping service means it doesn't cost you tens of thousands to turn your idea into reality, we can design a kiosk from your concept to suit your requirements should any of our standard units not meet your exact specifications.

From concept to a production in around four weeks.

As well as these short design times and low costs, we can work to ensure production models will fall within your budget, meaning that you have a clear picture before embarking on your project.

bespoke kiosk at Leeds train station


Do not have a kiosk design but need a kiosk solution? Choose from a wide range of our customizable models that can be configured and fitted with the software and hardware you require to get the task accomplished.

custom kiosk at Stansted Airport custom kiosk at Vue Cinema custom kiosk at Airparks custom kiosk at Future Generation


Close up of I-Touch V33 MKII with card & cash payment, scannner and dispenser

Your kiosk will need some peripherals to achieve task such as payment, scanning (images, barcodes, etc), dispensing and authentication, that's why we provide you with a choice from a vast collection of peripherals. Our in house software team can also engineer a solution that is built for your specific configuration to make it simple for users to use.

These include:

  • Chip and pin
  • Barcode scanner
  • Telephone
  • Coin validator
  • Scanner
  • Printer
  • Dispenser
  • Card reader
  • Keyboard
  • and many more